Stephanie & Phil's Wedding

This wedding was one for the books! Not only was it our first wedding coordinating job ever but anything mother nature could have thrown at us, happened! Stephanie and Phil had their wedding at Bordeleau Winery in Eden, Maryland. An absolutely stunning outdoor wedding venue! Just about an hour before their ceremony a terrible storm swept through. I have learned that what the bride doesn't know.. won't hurt her.

With that being said I had major damage control on my hands! She did not know her table decor blew off the tables, ceremony chairs were getting soaked, cake was in danger of not only blowing over but getting drenched, and oh did I mention that their was a miniature flood in the tent. Oh and it's not just me coordinating, its also my right hand man.. my husband. As we were frantically running in the monsoon we were overwhelmed with the amount of love her family and friends out poured to us. We had countless guests asking us what can they do to help.  

Once we had everything stable in the tent I discussed, "Plan B" and "Plan C" with the bride. Truth is we were shooting for, "Plan B." The radar showed the storm blowing over within an hour so we had to decided to wait out the storm. Stephanie and Phil were such an AMAZING couple. Both were in high spirits and constantly asking how the other was doing. Come on people that is LOVE! 

As the storm began to get lighter we realized one major question. What are we going to do with all this water under the tent? A family member suggested a wet/dry vacuum and thank goodness the vineyard had one. As I was in the back of the vineyard scrambling to find one I hear stomping and cheering above my head. The bride and her bridesmaid were in the room above me, and I knew the rain had stopped. 

During the storm all the guests had taken cover in their cars. As soon as the rain broke free, the sun was shining and wedding guests started to be seated. On dry seats I might add! We also managed to pump out all the water from the tent just in time for the delayed ceremony. After our quick frenzy from the storm everything fell perfectly into place. With the help of all the vendors, family, and friends we were able to have the most perfect day for Stephanie and Phil. 

Even though they were our first coordinating clients, I still look back and think how rewarding that day was for me. Even though the bride and groom were supposed to be the one's showered with love it surrounded us as well. I hope they look back and say to themselves that their day was perfect. Just like a relationship their are always storms that come our way, but how we handle the storm and what happens after the storm is what is most meaningful. 

Photos by: Sarah Murray