Refine Package:

You’ve poured your heart and soul into planning and you’re ready for someone else to take the reigns! Your passing the torch to us specifically on your wedding day. Myself and co-owner will be present the day of your wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly. You and your family can have peace of mind that we will handle all those little details while you’re getting ready! We will provide an itinerary to all of your vendors as well as run your rehearsal to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.



Adore Package:

Time to take a deep breath! A month prior to your wedding we swoop on in and finalize every single detail with each and every vendor you’ve booked. You’ve been busy planning for a while now and you’re ready to enjoy, relax, and take in your soon to be big day! No more emails, phone calls, or hand cramping from signing away. So maybe pick up that glass of wine or that bowl of ice cream, we’ve got you covered.
{This package also includes Refine Package}



Beloved Package:

You’re engaged! Now what? Feeling overwhelmed or absolutely clueless to planning your wedding? We would love to help! We will help book all of your vendors required for your wedding! All interaction with vendors will go through us, allowing you to kick back and relax throughout the entire planning process. You’ll still get to do all the fun stuff like cake tasting, picking out flowers, etc. but just with a helping hand.
{This package includes Refine and Adore}



Commitment Package:

Oh, so you own a business or would like to plan an event!? We take care of that too. We take care of events as large as corporate parties or even more intimate events like baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary parties, fundraisers, and much more! So let’s chat about you’re event, I am just dying to hear about it!


Can't find a package that fits!? Let's have a coffee date to hear about your big day so I can customize a package just for you!